Which Class is Right for Me?

Beginner: Newbie? Been a while? These classes offer slow-paced direction and a great level of detail to become familiar with basic poses and use of the breath.

All Levels:  Some experience or familiarity of poses may be helpful, but come as you are and do what you can! These classes are suitable for beginners, masters and everyone in between. Modifications and pose variations are offered to customize your class.

Level 1: Experienced Beginner. If you have some exposure to yoga, including an introduction to basic yoga poses and proper alignment, this class is for you.

Level 2: Intermediate. You have a good understanding of the basic yoga postures and have begun to explore a wider variety of postures and styles. The intermediate student understands the relationship between breath and movement.

Level 3: Advanced Intermediate. More experienced yogis with a very solid understanding of basic yoga postures who are comfortable with more challenging postures, practices yoga regularly (5-7 classes per week), and has begun to master connection of breath with movement.

**If the class name has "dynamic" in the title, it might not be appropriate for beginners. We suggest you take a few other classes to get in the swing of things. You'll feel more comfortable and be more successful when you finally get to dynamic classes!

***Must be 13 or older to attend classes unless specified as a kids/pre-teen class***

What Do I Bring to Class?

You will need your own yoga mat for all classes! We suggest bringing a hand towel and water bottle, too!

 *All other props (besides a mat!) for yoga classes and all equipment for barre/pilates classes are provided by the studio.

*Yoga mats, hand towels and Yogitoes mat towels are available for purchase or for a small rental fee.

What If It's My First Visit to the Studio?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class to complete our registration and waiver forms.

Place all of your belongings in one of the student cubbies; please do not bring them into the practice space. Clutter detracts from the experience of turning inward and giving yourself a break from the outside world.

Shoes of any kind are not allowed in the practice space; please leave them in the student cubbies.

NO cell phones are allowed in the practice space. Please silence your phone and leave it with your personal belongings in the student cubbies. Remember, if you have an alarm set, it will not be silenced, so make sure to also turn off any alarms!

Please speak quietly when in the practice space before class begins.

Have an amazing experience in your class! Our goal is for every student to feel comfortable in class while moving and breathing their way through their own unique practice. Do what you can and the rest comes with practice. We are all built a little differently and may not move the same way as the person on the mat next to us. Be mindful of what’s happening on your own mat and you’ll leave feeling reconnected and renewed.

What Do I Do If...?

We welcome all students and believe that yoga, barre and Pilates classes are safe for everyone; however, if you are pregnant, recovering from an injury or have any diagnosed medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy, etc., we highly encourage you to speak with your physician prior to beginning any fitness program. When you arrive for practice, please speak privately with your instructor before taking any class. This is for your safety and the safety of the instructor and students around you. Instructors with the proper knowledge can safely guide you through the appropriate postures/movements as well as offer modifications and/or props to assist your practice if necessary. We value your privacy and will not share any personal information.

Class Etiquette

  • Arrive on time. If you do arrive late, please enter the practice space from the back of the room, roll out your mat quietly and do your best not to disturb the class. Doors will be locked 5 minutes after start of class, so please plan your travel time accordingly. We understand traffic/work/kids/life can happen, but request that you make your best effort to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class time so that you can get settled in and take some deep breaths before class begins.

  • Refrain from talking during class. If you need to speak to the teacher, please do so quietly.

  • Breathe deeply, but please don’t moan! We know already know it feels good!!

  • NO cell phones are allowed in the practice space. Please turn off electronics-anything that dings, rings, or buzzes.

  • We share the air, so please come scent and smoke free. Do NOT wear perfume or any strong scents; others may be allergic

  • Do NOT practice if you’re sick. If you begin to cough during class, please rest quietly on your side; your cough may subside.

  • Wear clean, comfortable clothing. Make sure your "parts" are covered! Please, keep your shirt on and leave your shoes outside the door.

  • If you must leave the room during class, do so quietly so as not to disturb others. If you leave the room, please do not return if the class is in savasana.

  • Do the poses that are being taught. Need to do your own thing? Create a home practice.

  • Please, NO chewing gum.

  • Come with an open mind and open heart.

Kids in the Studio

 Unattended Child Policy.   No child under the age of 12 may be left unattended while a parent takes a yoga class. Please do not set your child up with an iPad and leave them on the bench outside the studio or in the kitchen while you practice. No matter how well-behaved the child, it's unsafe and disruptive. We do not have child watch services. Please make other arrangements for your child when you come to practice. 

Kid's Yoga Pick-Up Policy.  All kid's yoga participants are required to remain in the room until a parent picks them up. Again, this is for the safety of the child. We will give parents a 10-minute window after class to pick up their children. Late pick-ups may incur a $5 fee.