Laura Anneken, Yoga Instructor

My love of all things yoga began 20 years ago when looking for a home exercise routine, my sister gave me 2 Rodney Yee Yoga VHS(!) tapes to try. I was hooked and began home practice with those until years later finding a studio in my  hometown in KY.  Yoga proved to be life changing in many ways. Having undergone back surgery for a work injury, yoga was not only an invaluable physical part of recovery, rehabilitation and maintenance, but also a mental break from the stress and distractions of my busy life.

The desire to teach yoga began several years ago when one of my teacher friends asked if I’d like to assist as she taught yoga to a woman’s safe house in Cincinnati.  It was inspiring and humbling to be a part of something that brought a sense of calm and a few moments of peace to those  women and their children who were dealing with chaotic and very stressful living situations.

In the midst of looking into TT in Cincinnati, a job opportunity brought me and my family to Savannah in 2015, and I found my way to SYB shortly after. Upon attending an Adam Whiting workshop in May 2018, and enjoying his teaching style very much, I learned he was offering a YTT starting in June. With the teaching dream still nagging at me, and the planets and stars aligned and I was finally able to achieve my goal and complete my 200 hour YT Certification in September of 2018. 

I’m excited to share the gift that yoga has brought to my life with all that I cross paths with, in a caring, kind and humble manner (along with an awesome playlist!). I’m so very grateful to my husband and kids,  family and friends, as well as all of my yoga “gurus” along the way, for their support, guidance and inspiration.  

Laura currently teaches Yin and Yin Flow Yoga. She looks forward to seeing you in class!

Laura currently teaches Yin and Yin Flow Yoga. She looks forward to seeing you in class!