Yoga & Fitness Instructor


Jami is a warrior for fitness and wellness.  She has over eight years of experience teaching group fitness and personal training.  Jami holds certifications in yoga, group fitness, and personal training as well as a master’s degree in Exercise and Wellness.  Being someone who loves and lives to inspire, she combines mind/body methods as a way to empower her clients and participants.   Jami’s classes and trainings are influenced by her love of power moves and pushing hard, her sense of humor and honesty about what it takes to achieve your goals.  When she is not sweating buckets or making others do the same she enjoys being a mom to Lily, Emma and Kate, wife to Erik, and friend to all creatures (but not snakes…she hates them!)   For her many trips around the sun she wants to travel, eat great food and drink rich beer as much as she can – Love so much no one ever questions it - and to laugh so hard she cries at every opportunity.   

Jami teaches TGIF! Yoga Flow and Yoga Express. She is accepting private clients